viernes, 3 de agosto de 2007

Solanny Luzardo

Hi ,my name is solanny, I'm 18 years old,
my favorite movie is spiderman 3I love :
music, dancing. I think vzla is the most
beautiful country in the world.I hate
vegetables, smoking, getting up early on
the weekend, war and to clean the house.

jueves, 2 de agosto de 2007

Alex Ubago

*My favorite singer is alex ubago his full name is: Alejandro Martinez de Ubago Rodriguez.
*He was born in vitoria on january 29th 1981.
*but he lives in san sebastian.
*In 2003 he public his second CD called FANTASIA O REALIDAD.

what did you do last weekend?

what a great weekend! on friday, I visited my friend, maria. We cooked a pizza and listened to music. then we ate the pizza and drank orange juice then we watched T.V.

on saturday, I slept all the morning when I got up. my boyfriend called me he invited me to go shopping. we went shopping to lago mall. he bought some jeans and a t-shirt. he gave me a gift.

on sunday. I got up at eight. I cleaned the house and washed my closthes after lunch, I went to the beach with my family. we played voleiball and swan very much

You can`t miss it.

luis: excuse me can you help me?Is there a movie theather around here?
Naphis: there is one on park street
where on main street?
Naphis: It`s between second and third avenue you can`t miss it.
Luis: thanks a lot!

2) Conversetion
Nancy: excuse me. can you help me? how do I get to the supermarket?
Jose: just walk up second avenue to park steet.
Nancy: Is it near peter`s restaurant.
It`s next to peter`s restaurant.

Linda: excuse me . how can I get to movie theater?
Marcos: I`m sorry. I don`t know
excuse me. how can I get to movie theater?
Pablo:walk for two bloks to park street turn right. walk for two blocks It`s on the right.
thank you
you`re welcome

viernes, 27 de julio de 2007

LEVEL 2.. K212

Giusseli Duno
Tania Carrasquero
Neilyn Camargo
Emilia Rincón
Raquel fleire
Solsire Mesa
Luisana mesa
Berkelis Vilchez
Magaly Escalante
Clara Verbel
Betty Acuña
Francisco Urdaneta
Liubica Garcia
Jainmi Inciarte
Elivia Andrade
Elizabeth Rojas
Maryolis Fuenmayor
Solanny Luzardo
Yohenny Soto

what´s the matter?

yohenny: hi solanny
solanny: hi, are you?
Yohenny:i´m fine. But you don’t look well. How are you feeling?
Solanny:i´m feeling bad today
yohenny:what` wrong whit you?
Solanny: i have fever, a terrible headache and a terrible pain in my body
yohenny: oh! I’m sorry. why don’t you go to the doctor?
Solanny:i have no time today.
Yohenny: why?
Solanny: because i have an exam
yohenny: but you need to see the doctor
solanny: yes. I will see the doctor tomorrow.

jainmi: would you like to see the doctor
solanny: yes please
jainmi: she’s busy right now. My i have your name.
Solanny: solanny luzardo
jainmi: the doctor will see you in a moment. Please be sestet.

Dra. Giusseli: what’s the matter whit you solanny?
Solanny: i have a terrible headache and a terrible pain in my body. i tossed and turned all last night.Dra
Giusseli: did you take an aspirin or anything?
Solanny: yes, doctor. I took two instead of one. i thought they would cure my headache and they certainly did, but this morning i felt worse.
Dra Giusseli: you should go for a cheek-up more often.solanny just put the thermometer under your tongue.
Solanny: do i have a temperature doctor?
Dra Giusseli: yes, you do´s dangerous to take pills all the time and to have littlerest.
Solanny: i really thought it was only a little cold
Dra Giusseli: you have certainly got a very bad cold. I will give you a prescription please. Don’t forget to take this medicine every four hours and rest lot. This you will be better staying in bad or two

jueves, 7 de junio de 2007


I almost never have breakfast.
I always have rice and meat or chicken for lunch , sometimes. I have fish.
I usually have mashed potatoes with butter and cheese for dinner, sometimes.
I have fried arepas with cheese, mandocas or empanadas.
I like to eat pizza for dinner,too. I love it.
I like to eat many sweets, cookies and potato chips very much and I like to eat ice cream and cakes, too.
I like to drink malta, or coke.Sometimes, I drink a cup of coffee milk for dinner.
I don´t like to eat fruits and I hate vegetables.
I think I don´t have a healthy diet because I eat many sweets, butter, potato chips and I don´t eat vegetables and fruits.
I need to eat vegetables and fruits more and I need to eat sweets and potato chips less.